Exclusive Interview with Best Selling author Salvatore Lucania on his novel, ” THE GANGSTER’S COUSIN.GROWING UP IN THE LUCIANO FAMILY ” Available Now on Amazon

Aug 07, 2019 230

BY: Theresa T. Daley

THE GANGSTER’S COUSIN is a wonderfully different take on the usual Mafia story. From his humble beginnings in New York and across four continents, Sal’s memoir takes the reader on a sometimes exciting, sometimes poignant, and often humorous adventure as he finds himself in unbelievable situations and meeting an array of unique and funny characters along the way. Follow Sal’s unique perspective and find out why he strives so hard to stay ahead of a different type of criminal class–the the people who make the rules.  

Most people equate the name Luciano with Lucky Luciano and the Mafia family. How do you dispel people’s preconceived notions about you and your family? The truth is I cannot dispel their preconceived ideas, so I don’t try. Besides I can’t remember a time when I was confronted directly about my family connections.

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