Fabio Frizzi performing ‘The Beyond’ score & more on ‘Frizzi 2 Fulci’ tour

Nov 20, 2019 319

BY: Bill Pearis

Italian composer Fabio Frizzi is best known for his collaborations with horror great Lucio Fulci and he’s currently on tour in North America, where he’s performing a live score to a new “Composer’s Cut” of Fulci’s 1981 classic, The Beyond, as well as a “FRIZZI 2 FULCI” tribute set featuring music/scenes from many of their other collaborations. He did a similar tour back in 2017.

That tour hits Detroit tonight, with dates still to come in Toronto, Pittsburgh, Boston, Philly, Brooklyn (Murmrr Theatre on 11/26), Knoxville, Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta and more.

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