Family photos are windows to our past

Jul 25, 2018 807

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have come and gone, and many friends and family members posted photos honoring their parents, as did I. As a genealogist, I can tell from the photos people posted just how well they have preserved their photo collections. Some people have 20 clear sharp images of themselves with their father or mother over a range of years. Some people have one blurry old polaroid that could have used a flash bulb!

Also, in recent weeks, a cousin of mine had a fire at their home that started at the neighbors. Fortunately, no one was injured. Also fortunately, the photo collection was not damaged. Both of these things reminded me of the importance of preserving the family photo collection. Many friends have lost their parents and the photos they have are the reminder of many happy times. Those photos are the easiest, and perhaps the only way, to transfer those memories to the next generation, who might not have been there or even met grandpa.

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