Five possible MLS destinations for Mario Balotelli

Nov 27, 2019 292

BY: Greg Seltzer

By now, you've surely heard that Brescia strike star Mario Balotelli is fed up with the racist abuse he's been receiving in his home country and open to an MLS move. It makes sense that the supremely talented 29-year-old would like the idea of escaping to faraway America. Naturally, there's the stateside lifestyle that has enticed many players over the years.

More to the point at hand, Balotelli could at once break free from the stress induced by the tiring, tired bigots too freely allowed into Serie A stands and the often unfair villain tag he's been forced to wear several times during his career. You may have also read that the Italy international is drawing interest from Toronto FC (maybe), but I'm not sure how well he fits at the BMO as long as Jozy Altidore is there. 

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