Football players with college experience and Italian passport needed in Italian Football League

Feb 24, 2019 326

Not many college football athletes are aware there is opportunity to continue playing this sport after graduation, outside of the United States. Sport of football is growing in the entire world, Mexico, Japan, Europe, and with that beeing said, in Italy as well. Football networking platform is working with 400+ teams and organizations worldwide and is looking for players interested to play pro or semi-pro football overseas.

In Italy, football has been played for about 30 years already. Italian Football League is one of the best in Europe, with 9 teams in Division 1, and it's constantly working to raise the level of game. Signing quality players and coaches with NCAA and pro experience in the States is a big thing for each team. In 2019, former Baylor coach, Art Briles will be coaching in Florence, CFL Hall of Hame member, Adam Rita is a Head Coach of Bergamo team.

At the moment there is a big need of players who already hold Italian passport, but all interested candidates are welcomed!

If there is anyone interested in playing football in Italy or overseas in general, contact Director of International Scouting of The Podyum, Nemanja Kokar at


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