Fred Catalfo publishes book about his life

Aug 20, 2014 1152

Former longtime Dover Attorney Alfred (Fred) Catalfo, Jr. has written and published his autobiography, "Undefeated: Scored On Once." The book is available on Amazon ( It is described as a story which outlines the many highs and lows in his life and how he has remained fearless, determined and undeterred by his critics.

Catalfo, currently a resident of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, has been a member of the New Hampshire Bar since 1947. He was elected Strafford County attorney twice and ran for U.S. Senate against Norris Cotton, the Republican incumbent. He played many prominent roles in the Democratic Party including state chairman and a delegate to the California Convention for John F. Kennedy. He practiced many areas of law but he is most known for his expertise in criminal law.

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