Giovanni Colavita: A Passion for the Most Famous Molisan Oil in America

Jun 13, 2018 573

BY: Liliana Rosano

He was only four years old when he learned how to package the olive oil bottles by hand. It was then that Giovanni Colavita understood that the family’s passion would become his future. Raised in  Molise, where his grandfather Giovanni established the Colavita olive oil company in 1938, Giovanni graduated with a Law degree from the University of Rome and then from the Bocconi University in Milan with a degree in Management.

Then came the decision to move to the United States, where in 2008 he was appointed as CEO of Colavita USA with the aim of continuing to conquer the North American market, where Colavita is the number one online brand, the fifth in retail sales. Quality, attention to the consumer and to demand, are key points of the Molisan company — those that his grandfather, Giovanni, always believed to be important. “My grandfather”, he told us, “always said: ‘if you lose a client due to the price of the product, you will have another possibility to gain back his trust later on, but if you lose him due to the quality that falls short of his expectations, you will lose that client forever’”. 

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