Gra’it Grappa Competition to Award 10-Day Trip to Italy to Professional Bartenders and Mixologists

Nov 08, 2016 346

Gra'it, an innovative Italian grappa developed for use in cocktails, has launched The Gra'it Challenge, a five-city competition that will award seven winners a 10-day trip to Italy. This is the first-ever grappa brand to organize a bartending competition of this magnitude. Skilled bartenders and mixologists in the U.S. can submit a recipe for a unique cocktail that uses Gra'it as its base ingredient at

A panel of nationally recognized judges, including Camper English, Julie Reiner and Vincenzo Marianella, will select the ten best cocktails in each city and those ten finalists will prepare their drink live in front of regional judges during Challenge rounds to be held in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Austin and Chicago.

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