Greater Aims Than Marketing With a Film Starring Green Luxury Apartments

May 20, 2015 571

by Matt A.V. Chaban

The film shows a man in a leather biker jacket and a woman in an oversize black parka leaning against the gunwale of a boat, staring up at the huge icebergs floating by, dressed more for the cobblestones of SoHo than for the shoals of Greenland. The camera captures their amazement at the drifts of glacial beauty. Just then — crack! — both jump as a piece of ice the size of a townhouse cascades into the water.

"I wanted to go see firsthand what the effects are of climate change and carbon emissions," the woman in the parka, Veronica Mainetti, said last week while sitting on a green leather couch inside 60 White Street, a loft building in TriBeCa. "To see it, and to hear from the biologists and the climatologists — and the Greenlanders, what they're going through. I knew we had to do something, but I was determined to do more."

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