Happy 58th to America’s Favorite Little Italian, the Fiat 500

Jul 06, 2015 800

July Fourth is all about independence, remembering the birth of our great nation – and the Fiat 500? That's right, the quirky little Italian compact car shares the same b-day as the beloved United States of America. It all started in 1936 when Fiat unveiled the 500 Topolino.

It was nothing like the iconic 500 that enthusiasts clamor over. It was big, kind of ugly, and a huge success with more than 520,000 sold. In 1955, Fiat decided to ditch the big bulky look in place of something more sophisticated. Something more Italian, so to speak. Thus, the Fiat 600 was born. 

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Source: http://news.boldride.com/

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