IAP 126: “Ciao Italia!” A conversation with the first couple of Italian American cooking- Mary Ann & Gaetano Esposito

Jan 21, 2020 482

BY: John Viola

For 30 years Mary Ann Esposito has been a part of our lives on “Ciao Italia”, American television’s longest running cooking show on PBS. Undeniably, this is the First Lady of the Italian American kitchen. Yet while we all know and love this consummate educator, the Italian American Podcast is bringing you a chance to see the lady behind the lens… and to get to know the man who has been her loving partner for 53 years during this intimate and impassioned interview.

They’ll share how a boring cooking class on their first trip to Italy kicked off three decades of television success, Mary Ann’s calling as an educator, why she never thought she’d be a chef, and their shared mission to preserve not just foods and flavors, but the bond of family a meal can create.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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