IAP 285: Biangolin’ - Bagnarol’ - Bacous’: examining the Italian American language

Jul 15, 2023 492

BY: Stephanie Longo

Our language is a reflection of ourselves, and this week’s guest has made it her mission to present both Italians and Italian Americans with a unique mirror in which to see that reflection… the fascinating and distinct Italian American language! What is the “Italian American language,” you ask?

To answer that question, we’re joined this week by Federica La Torre, the founder of “Just a Siciliana,”  a Sicilian linguist with deep ties to the United States since her childhood, when she would regularly visit family and friends who had made the immigrants’ journey to become Italian Americans. During these visits, she came into contact with the Italian American community, which inspired her life’s work of studying the Italian American language.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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