IAP 88: POWER HOUR: The Ultimate Italian American Bucket List

Feb 28, 2019 1011

BY: Anthony Fasano

Do you keep a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”? If you’re a true believer in Italian Power, you’ll want to hear this week’s episode of the Italian American Power Hour, as Rossella, Dolores, and Pat reunite to dissect John’s take on the ten must-see monuments, events, and institutions that constitute his “Italian American Bucket List”.

Of course, since this is the Power Hour, there will be plenty of debate around this catalog of Italian American experiences, and fascinating facts (and equally fascinating tangents) to walk you through these destinations! From timeless Italian feasts to some of the oldest Italian American restaurants in the USA, and from world class museums to the largest gatherings of Italians in America, by the end of this episode you’ll be booking a trip to one of these events… and working out your very own “Italian American Bucket List”.

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SOURCE: http://italianamericanexperience.com/

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