An Italian American Christmas: It’s not Traditional, but It’s Our Tradition

Dec 23, 2021 911

BY: Tony Traficante

I will never forget the wonderful memories of Christmas Day and Christmas Eve with my Italian immigrant family. There was something particularly magical about those times, including the hustle, bustle and chatter that goes on with any Italian social event! We Italians honor our Christmas traditions with passion and great reverence. “Non c’è altro,” there is no other way!

More than any other holiday, Christmas is a time for religious dedication. It also is an occasion to enjoy great food, exchange gifts and strengthen relationships with family, friends and “cumare e cumpare.” And for “I Bambini,” there is nothing better than Christmas. It is a time of excitement and wonder! The same goes for adults who enjoy the season as much as children. And why not! Sharing gifts is another way of expressing one’s love and respect for friends and family members.

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