Lidia Bastianich Says Doing This To Pasta Is A 'Criminal Offense'

Dec 16, 2021 407

BY: Nancy Mock

In her brand-new PBS special "Lidia Celebrates America: Overcoming The Odds," Lidia Bastianich takes her annual trip across the country to meet and hear the stories of regular but remarkable people. And because it's Bastianich — a world-renowned author, restaurateur, and cooking show host — she also brings viewers a glimpse of the foods and food traditions important to these folks. 

In "Overcoming The Odds," one of those people is Jarrett Adams, who spent a decade in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Eventually exonerated, he went on to become an attorney who helps others falsely accused of crimes. As Bastianich shares his story of perseverance and how memories of cooking with his grandmother helped Adams get through his ordeal, she also cooks with him over Zoom. 

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