Long Island Business Challenges the World’s Top Standardized Test-Prep Book

Sep 11, 2020 601

BY: Anthony Sciarratta

A New Approach to Deconstruct and Destroy the ACT” is a new and revolutionary test prep book written by Garden City locals Nicholas LaPoma and Brittany Verlezza. LaPoma describes his book as, “a clearer and more powerful alternative to the ACT Black Book.”

This test prep book in particular was meant to be geared towards a student who wants to know all of the strategies for the ACT but doesn’t have the time to work through 650 pages of answer explanations. This is in contrast to the ACT Black Book, which is the best selling test-prep book in the world.

“There are very few students that could get through the entirety of the Black Book,” said LaPoma. “It’s not meant for the average student and could easily intimidate a beginner in the test-prep process. It also covers outdated material that is no longer deemed acceptable by CollegeBoard.”

Most Long Islanders may recognize LaPoma from his social media accounts, where he has gained internet fame with his online persona, Nick the Tutor.

LaPoma rose to social media fame during the height of the coronavirus lockdown in New York, where he gave over 90,000 free Advanced Placement exam study guides out to students around the world. He has since used this persona to help grow his business and reach students across the country, and the world, helping them make their dreams of academic success come true.

LaPoma owns and operates Cuvrebreakers Test Prep in Garden City, where Verlezza also works as one of the top tutors in the Long Island area. Her waiting list to see students is weeks long and still growing.

“We wanted to create the book for the same reason we create any of our resources because something like it doesn't exist,” said Verlezza. “Our goal is never to use the same recipe that other test prep or book companies have used and slap our name on it. We really wanted to pool our combined experience together to address exactly what students of all different levels need.”

The goal for the staff at Curvebreakers is to position their new publication next to the ACT Black Book in time for the release of their second published work focused on conquering the SAT.

A New Approach to Deconstruct and Destroy the ACT is now available exclusively on Amazon.


About Curvebreakers: A modern, data-driven test prep center that curtails the student to the test, not the test to the student.

Curvebreakers is a New York Metro Area educational consultancy specializing in standardized

test prep. Curvebreakers Test Prep provides a unique and intensive program for standardized test prep, including the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SHSAT, SSAT, CHSEE, and TACHS. Curvebreakers acclaimed method provides customized curricula that enhance the strengths and target areas of a student using a unique and adaptable student-focused approach in contrast to the more rigid course focused approach of other test prep companies. Every year Curvebreakers guides thousands of students to higher scores at their centers, partner schools, and online.

Students can meet with tutors in our offices or at their homes. Online, virtual tutoring is also available for students who do not live near our offices. Subject tutoring is also offered to children in grades 3-12, helping students prepare for Regents exams, Advanced Placement (AP) exams, homework, essays, reading comprehension, and other school tests.

Owner Nicholas LaPoma was inspired to start Curvebreakers Test Prep after a boutique publishing company helped award him over $500,00 in scholarships. Since then, Curvebreakers has served Garden City & Great Neck by providing top-notch test prep and college admissions consulting knowledge.

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