The most popular baby names are inspired by Italian cities: in the first place is Florence

Aug 03, 2022 880

BY: Giusy Dente

After sex is certainly the name, the most popular detail among the questions asked to parents who are expecting a child. Everyone is curious to know what the boy or girl who will come into the world will be called. There are those who opt for traditional names, there are those who trust in chance and those who are oriented towards honoring their loved ones, but there are also those who prefer to opt for something original and different from the usual.

According to a survey, the new trend is to be inspired by the places of the heart. Travel-inspired baby names are on the rise. In the US, there would be an increase in searches of up to 40%. The data is coming! Iva directly from Forbes Advisor who used to discover children’s names inspired by the most popular tourist and tourist destinations in the United States. On the female front stands out Florence: 164,461 Americans who chose the name of the Italian city of art and the state with the highest incidence is New York.

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