Murder in Matera: A Translation Voyage

Mar 09, 2023 399

The Translation Journey of Murder in Matera. March 15th, 5:30pm-6:45pm EST. Virtual Event; Registration Required. Members: $10. Nonmembers: $15. Trip To Puglia Participants: Complimentary.  Register Here! Join us for a virtual event and discover how the NOIAW network helped one Italian-American journalist turn her nonfiction account of a true life crime story into an international success!

Thanks to the masterful work of three women, Murder in Matera can now be read in Italian. Featuring: Author and New York Times writer Helene Stapinski, Georgetown University Italian Department Professor and translator Donatella Melucci, and Italy-based editor Catherine Salbashian.

In Helene's own words: "We would like to tell our story, showing how connections made through NOIAW have led to international success, not only broadening my audience but spreading the history of women in Basilicata. Vita, the main character, is a very strong female protagonist, and her story sheds a light on the suffering – but incredible fortitude – of Southern Italian women – virtues that have been passed down through the generations."


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