New Groundbreaking Kids’ Show Teaches Italian Language, Culture, Art

Mar 28, 2015 1068

Combining a deep Italian heritage with raising two young children in Scottsdale, Michael Tassoni created "Ciao Bambolini – Italy for Kids." The show was born out of Tassoni's love of Italy and desire to share it with his children and beyond. "I looked for something that would introduce Italy to my kids, and found nothing that could keep them watching," said Tassoni, who also produced, directed and created the show, now available on DVD at and via "Then I decided to do it myself. I grew up speaking Italian and traveling to my family's homes in Italy."

Tassoni Films, an Arizona-based production company, announced the launch of "Ciao Bambolini – Italy for Kids." The show features one professional actor (Tassoni) playing five different characters who teach Italian language, music, art, food and culture in a fun, entertaining and engaging way, with original music and graphics.

Tassoni's parents left a financially bereft Italy in the 1950's for the then-thriving Venezuela and became clothing designers. In 1961 they made the move to Phoenix and built a successful business in the Biltmore Fashion Park. Tassoni was born in Phoenix 8 years later. "My parents were true artists, and they instilled a drive for success and a need for Italian culture in my life," said Tassoni. "They spoke only Italian at home, so I learned the language through them, and through visits to our family in Naples and Abruzzo all my life." The show is the natural culmination of Tassoni's list of talents coming together along with his past, and his current life with his children. "My kids and my parents are the inspiration for this show. I'm glad I was able to bring such a talented team together to create it for kids all over the country to enjoy."

The script was written by Tassoni's wife, writer Kristine Tassoni. "I've been exposing my wife to the Italian culture for ten years now, so it was a natural fit for her to do the writing," said Tassoni. "We came up with the characters, she wrote it and we started shooting."

Characters include chef Luigi, Raphael the painter, Mario the racecar driver, Paolo the singing gondolier, and host character, Michael. Playing five characters wasn't much of a stretch for Tassoni, who has performed in professional regional theater for years. Tassoni produced and starred in two independent, award-winning feature films and won Best Actor for one role at the San Diego Film Festival in 2008. He also performed the lead character Dimitri in 20th Century Fox's "Anastasia."

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About Michael Tassoni
Michael began his career as an actor at the age of 15. Since then, and having received a BS in Acting from Arizona State University, he became an Equity actor and performed in regional theatre. In 1995, Michael had the opportunity to work with the legendary Don Bluth on the 20th-Century Fox Feature Film "Anastasia," for which he performed the lead role of Dimitri. In 1997 Michael produced and starred in the feature film "14 Ways to Wear Lipstick." The film was selected in the 1999 Slamdance Film Festival among others. Michael later produced and starred in "The Appearance of a Man," for which he won Best Actor in the San Diego Film Festival in 2008. Michael started his own production company, Tassoni Films, in 2006.

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