Nominate ENRICO FERMI for inclusion into The Garden of Heroe

Jul 07, 2020 626

BY: Rich DiSilvio

President Trump recently announced the building of a National Garden of Heroes which will include statues of great Americans. The great Nobel prize-winning physicist Enrico Fermi, who invented the first controlled nuclear chain reaction and was vital to the Manhattan Project's success, has been often marginalized in the grand scheme of nuclear power.

One example was how the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas had marginalized Fermi in their displays, which they vowed to correct only after I brought this shameful oversight to their attention. As such, we cannot let this opportunity pass us by without properly honoring Fermi's numerous contributions to the areas of physics, statistical mechanics, quantum theory, and nuclear and particle physics, not to mention the Manhattan Project, which ultimately aided the United States in its victory over Japan in WWII. 

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