Organic, pulses, artisanal: pasta lovers have it all

Sep 03, 2018 441

Pasta is the most popular and traditional Italian staple on kitchens worldwide. The wellness consumer trend has prompted producers to carefully innovate a product that as never before is able to satisfy all needs, including demand for a low-carb diet. Exports figures confirm evidence of strong demand for pasta. Italy, the world’s top supplier of pasta to the United States, exported 77.2 million dollars of pasta to the US in March 2018, a 25.3% increase from 61.6 million dollars in the same month of 2017. Last year, exports rose 2.5%, data from the ICE – Italian Trade Agency show.

The offer of pasta in the United States is changing on many fronts. ‘Purist’ pasta lovers can now find a range of artisanal, regional products in multiple shapes, from short to long. Consumers are learning about the superior quality of bronze die cut pasta, whose porous texture allows to retain the sauce better. They appreciate the perfect marriage between gluten-rich durum wheat and simple natural condiments. Aficionados can now choose from a variety of fresh filled pastahomemade or frozen. What is also changing is the emphasis on nutritional values and authentic ingredients, with information printed on the front of the box.

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