Pass the Torch and Light the Way to Italian American Family Histories

May 03, 2019 226

BY: Basil M. Russo

Why be proud? It’s a question that deserves serious thought and reflection. To begin with, every ethnic, racial and religious group that immigrated to America brought with them a unique set of traditions, customs, values and beliefs that they contributed to America’s collective culture. And for those contributions each group can be justly proud.

We, as descendants of Italian immigrants, have been blessed with a heritage that is arguably second to none in the history of the world. From the time of the Roman Empire, through the Renaissance, to the present day, Italy has produced many of the greatest, most creative and dynamic individuals who have significantly impacted world history: Caesar Augustus, Virgil, Constantine, Galileo, Columbus, Michelangelo, DaVinci, Dante, St. Thomas Aquinas, Machiavelli, Marconi, Fermi, Caruso, and Maria Montessori, to name but a few.

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