The Power and Glory of Venice

Apr 27, 2020 403

BY: Carla Gambescia

Venice is a city of surprises, filled with contrasts and apparent contradictions that, somehow, fluidly coexist. It’s a city of water and of stone, the most pliant and most solid of natural substances. For much of its history Venice has been guided by BOTH church and state and by both honor and profit. And, like the Roman god Janus, Venice has always faced in two directions at the same time: to the West and to the East.

In special tribute to the many reasons we all love Italy, I have been doing a special online lecture series accompanied by a beautiful slideshows ;-)  through Main Line School Night Association. Please join me this coming Wednesday and Thursday evening at 7:00 PM EST I will be doing a special 2-part lecture on Venice, whose history, stories and secrets capacious. Venice first mesmorized me as a child and has has never ceased to fascinate me. Just click here to register. 

Wed & Thu Apr 29 & 30, 7 PM Venice,The Most Improbable of Cities: Discover  Venice’s many secrets and celebrate the city of mist, mystery and majesty that has captured the imagination of dreamers and travelers alike for hundreds of years. Part 1 From its inauspicious beginnings to its apex as a commercial, naval & financial juggernaut and a Xanadu of architecture & cultural cross-currents.Part 2 From its pinnacle as the luxury & cultural capital of Europe through its slow yet sybaritic decline and ultimate reinvention as the world’s most enchanting open-air museum.

With optimisim that we, Italy and the world at large is 'turning the corner' at this time of rebirth and hope 

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