Prosecco DOC Partners with Renowned Restaurants, Wine Experts, and Producers for National Prosecco Week

Jun 04, 2018 336

The Prosecco DOC Consortium, the entity that oversees production and quality of the hugely popular Italian sparkling wine, is pleased to announce the participants for its National Prosecco Week Masterclasses and Prosecco & Pizza Competition, taking place June 11-16th. These events will take place throughout the United States-New York, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and Chicago.

The Masterclasses, led by well-known wine experts in each city, will focus on teaching and showcasing Prosecco's food pairing versatility with various dishes. In addition to celebrating the sparkling wine, presenters will also discuss misconceptions about the Prosecco category and how to recognize-and enjoy-authentic Prosecco.

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