Ryan Gosling Says Italian Women Spent All of His Mother’s Wedding Whispering to Him About Food

Oct 08, 2018 1500

Ryan Gosling may be a big shot in America, but in Italy, he’s just another mouth to feed! The 37-year-old actor appeared on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he opened up about his mother’s recent wedding in Italy, where he met his new stepfather’s Italian family. 

“There was a lot of, during the service, these wonderful older Italian women just whispering to me about food,” Gosling told Kimmel of his mother’s wedding. “At one point this woman said, ‘There’s a tortellini in the freezer!’ Then later on, almost towards the vows, another woman said, ‘There’s a smoked mozzarella in the fridge,’ and another woman went, ‘It’s from Naples.’”

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SOURCE: https://www.click2houston.com

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