Sinatra’s Turn At The Movies

Jun 05, 2018 302

BY: Steve Mosco

In Frank Sinatra’s early days of stardom, the man known as the Chairman of the Board could send legions of bobby soxers swooning with his Italian light baritone and a flicker of his ol’ blue eyes. But as the 1940s turned into the 1950s and a string of poorly received musicals and an adulterous affair with Ava Gardner caused his popularity to wane, Sinatra sought to turn his fortunes around. He found an opportunity in film—but more specifically, film beyond musicals.

The Sinatra renaissance started here with From Here To Eternity. Nabbing the role following a disastrous vocal chord hemorrhage in 1950, the film would prove to be exactly what Sinatra needed to get back into the public eye, and then some, as the film scored Sinatra an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Starring alongside Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift, Sinatra plays Private Angelo Maggio, a violent yet likable Italian-American GI whose cocky attitude gets him into trouble again and again.

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