The Sopranos and Italian Dialects: The Real Story of Our Language

Jan 22, 2019 278

This week, an article appeared in, part of the USA Today Network, that begins “You may be speaking Soprano–and not even know it.” The article talks about HBO’s show The Sopranos and how it used “Italian-American food slang words” that only New Yorkers know. The article lists a number of words such as “goomah” and “goomba” and their definitions.

The words included in this list are all words from the Neapolitan dialect, and most likely other Southern Italian dialects as well. A “goomah” is a comare, a godmother at your baptism or confirmation, two sacraments in the Roman Catholic religion. (A comare can also be a man’s mistress.) A “goomba” is a compare, a godfather, the male equivalent. These words are also used to describe well-loved people who are not relatives.

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