A star is blocked: Chinese broadcaster blurs out Lady Gaga while showing the Oscars - sparking speculation the singer is censored by Beijing because she met the Dalai Lama

Mar 06, 2019 733

BY: Tracy You

She was the talk of this year's Oscars, but many audience in China didn't see her at all during the ceremony. A Chinese TV station has censored Lady Gaga when it broadcast the awards ceremony on its website, sparking speculation the singer has been censored by Beijing.

Lady Gaga's fans in China have been enraged by the move from Mango TV, which they say blurred out the 32-year-old's face during the presentation of the Best Actress award and deleted her performance of Oscar-winning song 'Shallow' with her co-star Bradley Cooper. 

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SOURCE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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