Support Our Italian American Businesses and Neighborhoods

Aug 03, 2022 2126

BY: David J. Domino

As proud Italian Americans, it is important to buy products from Italian American-owned businesses. Equally as important, it is enjoyable to pay visits to neighborhoods that are historically Italian, specifically communities that still have a significant amount of Italian American residents.
The Empire State has Little Italy in Manhattan, Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, Howard Beach in Queens, Astoria in Queens, Belmont in the Bronx, Morris Park in the Bronx, Rossville in Staten Island, Tottenville in Staten Island, North Buffalo in Buffalo, and Little Italy in Syracuse. 
In New Jersey, we have Ducktown in Atlantic City, Southeast Hoboken in Hoboken, Toms River, Middletown, and the small towns of Hammonton, Fairfield and Brick. Newark has changed dramatically over the years, but deserves an honorable mention as it was the home of the legendary Italian American group, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. They were immortalized in the Broadway play and feature film Jersey Boys. Newark may not be predominantly Italian anymore, but you can still find great Italian restaurants and bakeries in the area. 
The Keystone State has South Philly in Philadelphia, where the famous Italian Market on 9th Street is located. This is where Rocky Balboa jogged while training for the big fight against Apollo Creed in Rocky. South Philly is also the home of famed Italian American teen idols, such as Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell, James Darren, and Fabian Forte. Pittsburgh's Bloomfield neighborhood is another historic Italian American neighborhood, with dozens of Italian American establishments, such as restaurants, bakeries and markets. The city also had a few famous Italian American residents, including entertainer Lou Christie and NFL legend Dan Marino, who are both half Italian. 
In Connecticut, we have Wooster Square in New Haven. In Rhode Island, we have Federal Hill in Providence, and the town of Johnston, which is in second place for being the most Italian area in the nation. In Massachusetts, we have the North End and East Boston in Boston. In the Midwest, we have Taylor Street in Chicago and The Hill in St. Louis. The Hill is where MLB legend Yogi Berra was from. 
As you can see, Italian Americans have a strong presence around the country. Our community has such a noticeable impact on American society. Connecting with fellow Italians offers an amazing feeling. Support Italian American businesses and communities today. While you visit an Italian American community, no matter where it is located, you will feel very much at home.

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