The Man Behind Illycaffé Says Americans Are Getting Better at Making Coffee

Oct 25, 2016 302

Andrea Illy, chairman of Illycaffé, the world-famous Italian coffee brand founded by his grandfather.

How many coffees do you drink a day? 

Well, I have an average of four per day. Sometimes three, sometimes five, depending on how much I sleep and how my day is.

When is the last one, usually? 

Usually the last is around this time [4 p.m.]. After the interview I will have my last one. 

How do you drink it?
Black espresso is the quintessence of coffee—the biggest spectrum of aroma you can imagine, with over 1,000 aromas. It's a velvet-in-the-mouth feel, balanced in taste with a sweet aftertaste. It's fantastic, just pure espresso.

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