Valerie's Readable Journey

Dec 02, 2020 366

A decade ago, Valerie obeyed her inner dream-voice and took the all-inclusive step back to her family roots in an unsung corner of Southern Italy that’s largely off the radar for travel and tourism. She and husband Bryan refurbished a small house in Trivigno (population 600, give-or-take) and reinvented themselves as language tutors, tour guides, and genealogy researchers (

A gifted travel writer, Valerie began exploring and documenting the wonders of the paths less-traveled of her new home. Join her now for a “readable journey” that will transport you to a region of the Bel Paese that — who knows? — may well make it to the top of your travel bucket list!

Travel to the “other Italy” –the one without crowds, tourist-trap restaurants, or smog-chugging tour buses. The southern region of Basilicata is one of Italy’s least-known, but is a place of natural splendor, unchanged hill towns, adrenaline-pumping adventure, and alluring art.

With outdoor adventure, long-held traditions, gorgeous scenery, fascinating festivals, and authentic home cooking, Basilicata has it all. It’s a place where the path is less traveled and hospitality is sacred. 

Get the very best of this mysterious and overlooked region by an insider, who gives you the low-down on the highlights of a beautiful and tradition-steeped land. Valerie Fortney guides you through the layers of history, to the wilds and the cities, to the hidden treasures and culinary highlights of the region she calls home. She tells you where you can fly with the angels, walk to the moon, visit a lost utopia, and time-travel in the footsteps of an emperor...and much more. 

This book contains many more than 52 things, as each entry helps you make the most of your time there with additional suggestions. Also included: 10 Restaurants That Are Worth the Trip; a list of worthy hotels; and a run-down of the foods you should taste while you’re here.

You can buy the e-book or paperback version at or on for your Apple or Nook device.

SOURCE: Italian Festivals New Mexico

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