Video message from the Ambassador Mariangela Zappia

Jul 02, 2021 599

BY: Mariangela Zappia

It is with emotion and pride that I assume today the office of Ambassador of Italy to the United States, a country to which we are bound by an extraordinary and deep friendship. As allies, Italy and the United States work side by side to protect peace and security in the world, to fight pandemic and climate change, to promote universal rights and gender equality, to ensure the values on which our beautiful democracies are founded.

The relationship between our two countries has ancient roots. A dense web of relations that is nourished every day thanks to our fellow countrymen and the many Italian companies that operate in the United States, to the millions of Americans of Italian origin and their rich cultural heritage, to the women and men in uniform who enjoy a great deal of respect here. men and women in uniform who are held in high esteem here, and the 15,000 Italian scientists and researchers who collaborate with American institutions to promote the progress of science and medicine.

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SOURCE: Italy in US

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