Way Down South in the Land of Cotton: Italian Immigrants in the Southern Delta

Nov 22, 2016 400

By Paula Reynolds

Endless row upon row of cotton fields, shimmery white as far as the eye can see. A frosty glass of Southern sweet tea offers companionship to a plate of piping hot fried chicken. The wail of an old blues tune lifts mournfully through the window of a dusty juke joint.

Images, sights, and sounds that certainly conjure up a good old-fashioned version of the American south - specifically the area known as The Delta, a region encompassing the fertile grounds of The Old Muddy mainly throughout Mississippi and Arkansas. But what if I threw in names like Bramuchi, Aguzzi, Fratesi with the claim that they, too, were as entrenched in Delta culture as anything found in "The Most Southern Place on Earth"?

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Fonte: L'italo-Americano

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