What’s Your Favorite Childhood Memory While Growing up Italian?

Oct 02, 2019 223

BY: Basil M. Russo

Children don’t have many memories because we haven’t had enough life experiences to create them. As kids we are always thinking about how much better and more exciting life will be for us when we get older. We think about everything our big brothers and sister can do that we can’t—staying up late, going to movies with friends, and sleeping over friends’ houses. As we grow our expectations change, but they are still firmly focused on what life has in store for us.

By mid-life our outlook begins to change. We realize as much of life has passed us by as still remains ahead of us. This realization can be difficult for many people to accept. Many of us experience what is termed a “mid-life crisis,” which often involves us trying to recapture some of our youth in sometimes strange and silly ways. 

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