WOP! or: You talkin’ to me?

Jul 23, 2020 1195

I found this thing called WOP! in a now-gone used bookstore in exurban Connecticut a few years back. When I took it up to the counter, the owner said, “I’m so glad someone’s finally buying this.” Perhaps because he wanted the book out of his store? It was published in 1973 by Straight Arrow Press, one in a series called “Ethnic Prejudice in America”; the other books had similarly provoking titles such as MICK! and KIKE!

I do wonder how much thought the publisher gave to the idea that a reader might not want to go around with a book called WOP!, particularly one with a photo like this one on its cover. It’s credited to Robert Altman (and maybe someone can hip me to what film it’s from) and shows a super G in black fedora, black chalk-stripe suit, black shirt, and wide white tie, shoving a sloppy forkful of spaghetti into his mouth. 

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SOURCE: https://forte-e-gentile.com

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