World Nutella Day 2016: Best Recipes, Places, Facts To Celebrate Delicious Chocolate Spread Holiday

Feb 05, 2016 587

by Abigail Abrams

Friday is World Nutella Day, and the world is going crazy. The famous chocolatey hazelnut spread is a favorite to include in breakfast and dessert items alike, and the internet is overflowing with recipes, deals and beautiful photos to celebrate the holiday. Every year on Feb. 5, the world celebrates this delicious food. But how did the holiday come about?

Well, according to the official World Nutella Day website — yes, a holiday for a commercially produced food product has its own website — the holiday was founded by an American blogger named Sara Rosso in 2007. Since then, the day has become an opportunity for fans of the food to share photos, recipes and love for the spread everywhere from the United States to Italy to Australia. Now the holiday is officially organized by Ferrero, the company that makes Nutella, so it can live on in its commercial glory forever.

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