Keep the Columbus Statue on the grounds of Waterbury City Hall !

Jul 04, 2020 327

BY: Francine Nido

On October 12, 1984, hundreds gathered in unity on the "piazza" of Waterbury City Hall for the unveiling and dedication of the Christopher Columbus Statue. A gift to the City of Waterbury from the Italian-American Community, the statue represents a successful fundraising effort led to recognize the man who inspired millions of immigrants to lead lives of courage and determination - a man who paved the way for the exploration of the Americas. 

Just as the decision to commission the statue was a communal endeavor, the Waterbury area community - particularly the Italian-Americans - are united in our support to have the Columbus Statue remain in front of City Hall.  To remove the statue of a man who has become symbolic of the Italian-American experience, would be a disrespectful action to the heritage and contributions of more than 5 million Italians who live in the United States today.

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