10 untranslatable Italian phrases we need in English

Apr 10, 2018 1355

BY: Giorgio Velardita Nardini

EVERY LANGUAGE has phrases or words that can stump a local when translating to an outsider. Italian has many untranslatable terms that are woven into not only the language but culture, too. If learning Italian, it’s important to know how to use “Mamma mia!” without automatically saying “here we go again” and fill your plate at an “apericena” buffet. Here are 10 untranslatable Italian terms.

1. Boh - This is my favorite one. It’s so hard for me to refrain using it when I’m speaking in English because it’s very common and easy to say. Literally, it doesn’t mean anything but we use in place of “non lo so” (I don’t know). While you say it, shrug your shoulders and twist your mouth downwards. It’s the laziest word we have.

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SOURCE: https://matadornetwork.com

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