100-Year-Old Bloomfield Family Bakery Sold But The Ovens Will Keep On Cooking

Feb 07, 2019 886

BY: Melanie Linn Gutowski

Finding Sanchioli Brothers Bakery is a lot like gaining entry into an underground club: you have to know where to look, because it’s hiding in plain sight. Though it’s tucked into a nondescript garage on Juniper Street in Bloomfield, the regulars know where to go to get the freshest bread in town.

Of course, Sanchioli’s golden brown loaves of Italian bread can be purchased at many area grocery stores, including local shops like Donatelli’s, but there’s nothing quite like the bread purchased directly from the source. That source, a nearly century-old oven built by a German immigrant, has never been turned off, according to John Sanchioli, co-owner with his older brother, Alex, until this week. The bakery was sold out of family hands on January 18, with John and his son, Nathan, staying on to bake. 

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SOURCE: https://www.pittsburghcurrent.com

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