15 reasons why you should go to Portofino

Jul 06, 2015 1287

by Claudia Baroncelli

"A small village, Portofino, stretches crescent shaped along the edge of this calm bay" these are the words French writer Guy de Maupassant used to describe the charming and peaceful town of Portofino in 1889, a real piece of heaven on earth on the wonderful Tigullio gulf.

Best known for its picturesque port, framed by colorful fairy-tale houses overlooking the sea and that innate glamorous attitude, it was after World War II, that the Ligurian harbor became one of the favorite destinations for Hollywood jet set stars, writers and artists, who wished to enjoy a quietly glamorous Italian stay: not only John Wayne, Glenn Ford and Greta Garbo, but also Aristotele Onassis, Maria Callas, Truman Capote, Elizabeth Taylor and nowadays stars Madonna and Kylie Minogue to name but a few.

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