3 Californian-Italian Cocktails to Set off your Summer

Jul 17, 2020 835

Whether it’s a Spritz, Negroni or Limoncello Collins, these four partners produce Californian-Italian liqueurs suited for any aperitivo and digestivo hour! In the summertime, a steady fog rolls off the Pacific and blankets the terraced hills of California’s Golden Coast, cooling grapevines, orange, and lemon trees. Set back just a few miles from the ocean, Ventura Spirits distills liquor and liqueur, like limoncello, with the harvested fruit.

Four brothers and friends, Anthony, Andrew, James, and Henry, founded the company in 2011 after hatching the idea in college. “The distillery became the right nexus for our hopes and dreams,” said co-founder Andrew Caspary. “It was a way to realize a fun project that would allow us to spread our wings in many different directions.” 

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SOURCE: https://www.lacucinaitaliana.com

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