35 Italian wines? Yes, please

Jul 09, 2015 943

There's an old Italian proverb that reads: Un buon vino, un buon uomo e una bella donna dura poco. (literally translated: A good wine, a good man and a good woman don't last long) Ultimately, if you're American, it's a fancy way of saying "every good thing comes to an end" – which is one of those statements that's both sad and true. And for me it's especially true of good wine.

As a writer, I have a relatively limited amount of money to spend on wine. So, when I splurge on a bottle, it's kind of a big deal. That's why I like to know what I'm getting into if I'm spending more than $12 on a bottle, and it's a big reason I'm a fan of wine tastings, where I can really dig in and discover new favorite wines without risking a $20 or more mistake.

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