51st Annual IASA Conference at University of Illinois, Chicago 2018

Feb 03, 2018 1914

Call for Papers - “The Conflicts of Immigration Past and Present: The Position[ing] of Italians and the Diaspora”. October 18-20, 2018. Submission Deadline: Friday, April 27, 2018. Upload/submit proposals to Submittable: https://italianamericanstudies.submittable.com/submit - For inquiries, please contact the conference committee at: [email protected]

The Italian American Studies Association (IASA), formerly the American Italian Historical Association (AIHA), celebrates its fifty-first year of academic inquiry into all things Italian and Italian American. This year’s conference theme will address (teaching) the conflicts and tensions in the diaspora, and especially about bringing attention to collective phenomena and how the Italian Diaspora intersects with other diasporic communities. The call is for papers that examine, interrogate, or reflect on the broad themes of the Italian Diaspora that move scholarship forward.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanstudies.submittable.com/

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