6 Essential Ligurian Foods

Jun 01, 2021 428

BY: Anna Pioli

To many, Liguria is the land of pesto sauce, Portofino, focaccia, and the Cinque Terre. But Ligurian foods (and the landscapes for that matter), extend far beyond the obvious. Here's a look at six essential Ligurian eats to look out for next time you're in that neck of northern Italy nestled along the Mediterranean between France and Tuscany. 

1. Chinotto di Savona

While the plant is native to China,  it has grown along the sunny coast between the towns of Varazze and Finale since the 16th century. Protected by the Slow Food Presidium, these small fragrant citrus fruits are consumed candied or in syrup.

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SOURCE: https://www.lacucinaitaliana.com

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