80 years of Mina, the biggest star that entire generations love without ever having seen her

Mar 25, 2020 273

In a hyper-connected, hyper-technological world, in which everything is visible, it makes an impression that entire generations have never been able to see Mina “live”. The singer, who turns 80, is undoubtedly the greatest voice that Italy has known, a beloved artist, very popular all over the world who, as is now known, at some point decided to retire.

When she was at the height of her success she said enough and she never failed in that promise, remaining invisible, at least in the body, from that August 23, 1978 when for the last time she performed live in Marina di Pietrasanta. An isolation that, of course, is only physical, because in the years Mina has been more present than ever.

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SOURCE: https://engnews24h.com

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