A Candid Italian Brings Bocce to Scappoose

Nov 08, 2015 1240

by Kerry-Lynne Demarinis

It is Saturday night at the Columbus Day Banquet. The Portland Golf Club is overflowing with smiling guests, drinks in hand. Dinner is finished, the panna cotta is on its way, the music and dancing has started. One man still mingles table to table. He greets old friends with a handshake, a good rib poke or a kiss on the cheek.

Bill Marinelli has been an integral part of the Italian community in Portland for more years than he wants to count. He is feisty, charming and painfully candid - he will always tell it like it is. He is also tenacious, fair-minded and a constant supporter of all things Italian. I am lucky to count him a friend.

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