A celebration of Italian/Greenwich cultures

Aug 11, 2015 974

By Ken Borsuk

Together in spirit but separated by an ocean, residents and relatives of Rose, Italy, and Greenwich celebrated the Feast of St. Lawrence on Sunday. More than 40 Greenwich residents arrived at the old convent building at St. Michael Church on North Street for the second annual celebration of the patron saint of Rose, near Naples, and one of Greenwich's sister cities. Local celebrants ate, danced and reminisced.

A highlight of the event was a live Skype connection with Rose, where the city's celebrated band performed a song for the celebration. The band, marking its 120th anniversary, will visit the U.S., headed to Fairfield County in the fall to take part in Stamford's and in New York City's Columbus Day parades.

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Source: http://www.greenwichtime.com/

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