A Christmas Celebration at A' vucchella

Dec 04, 2015 1667

by Rossella Rago

Dear Friends, are you ready to celebrate Christmas? Well I am!!! Please join me and my two lovely Nonne: Nonna Romana Sciddurlo from Puglia and Nonna Antoinette Capodicci from Campania as we demonstrate some traditional Christmas dishes from Puglia and Campania.

This Christmas Dinner extravaganza will take place at one of my favorite Connecticut restaurants, Trattoria 'A vucchella, owned by my Italian tour buddies Chef Pasquale DiMartino and Jennifer Galletti. The dinner will be a four course meal where you will not only enjoy the food but will also learn how to make the dishes with me and my Nonne. The holiday menu we have created for this event is a collaboration of traditions from the two regions. We will be fusing popular Christmas fish dishes with a modern twist to incorporate both Nonne's authentic recipes

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Source: http://www.cookingwithnonna.com/

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