All Day Italian Cafe. “Puro Gusto will officially open in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, December 15th”

Dec 10, 2021 261

Puro Gusto, born in Milan in 2006 and now found in 10 countries around the globe, opens its first U.S. location today, at 1345 F Street NW., a short walk from the White House and National Mall. An authentic all-day Italian café celebrating the habits and rituals of the Italian people, Puro Gusto’s focus will span from morning ’til night. “Puro Gusto” translates directly to “pure taste” – expressing the café’s dedication to offering authentic Italian coffee, food, and Aperitivo.

“We are thrilled to bring Puro Gusto’s Italian way of life to the States with our first café in the U.S. Capital,” said Frank Sickelsmith, Head of Puro Gusto NA. “We look forward to offering our American guests a chance to experience what it means to be Italian and share in the cultural traditions, and our Italian expat guests will now have a place to enjoy a true taste of home away from home.”

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