Andrea Bocelli on his love of movie music, and a Houston singer

Dec 10, 2016 504

By Wei-Huan Chen

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli's newest album, "Cinema," explores one aspect of music he's always been curious about - movie soundtracks. Featuring unforgettable tunes from the likes of Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini and Leonard Bernstein and with guest performances by wife Veronica Berti and pop singer Ariana Grande, the album is a natural step toward an art form Bocelli has long appreciated.

The beloved singer, who launched to international fame with his 1995 performance of "Con te partirò," grew up listening to classics from movie musicals. He calls movies "dream factories" that don't limit music as an art form. While serving a story, he says, film scores sometimes can become liberated masterpieces that can stand on their own.

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